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Skinny ≠ Healthy

by Erin Pistello about a year ago in slam poetry


Skinny ≠ Healthy

I live in a world where your worth is based off of the flatness of your stomach

Young girls starving themselves to achieve beauty

Teens shoving their fingers so far down their throats that their last meal comes spilling out

before the calories turn to fat

Adults going on fad diets to bring the number on the scale down “just a little bit more” because

the lower the number, the more praise and worth you are deemed

Maybe if other people say your pretty, you'll believe it too

Students fasting for “just a little bit longer” trying to feel pain the hunger pain because feeling

pain is better than feeling nothing at all

I live in a world where we encourage self-harm

Self-harm—the act of trying to get rid of an unbearable mood by causing physical harm that damages the body

“Trying to improve your body isn’t self-harm, no, no, no, self-harm is slitting your wrists when you’re numb”

Yeah, because depriving yourself of a basic human need is perfectly healthy

Forcing your body to use stored body fat as fuel is perfectly healthy

But healthy isn’t the goal, no, no, no, skinny is the goal and food is the enemy

Choose your fighter, completely avoiding food or forcing your body to reject food

I live in a world where validation is the only thing needed to survive

Post a picture but before you post anything, how do I look?

No one wants to see a fat girl’s pictures

Skinny= pretty= likes= validation

Validation is the only thing I need

Screw food, give me likes and praise

I live in a world where people are silently suffering


Where asking for help is just as unattractive as touching thighs

Where asking for help is the worst thing that could happen

You won’t ask for help because help means having to eat

Having to eat means being “The Fat Girl”

I want to live in a world where when people see a problem they look for help

When people notice something’s wrong they reach out

When people are suffering they make it known

Where people know they’re worth saving

“They’re just faking it for attention”


People struggle, it’s human nature

You have a decision to make, live or die

Be healthy or be so close to death you look like a skeleton

Being thin doesn’t define your worth

The amount of likes and followers you have doesn’t make your more or less desirable

Skinny ≠ healthy

slam poetry
Erin Pistello
Erin Pistello
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