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Poets in Motion


by Erin Pistello about a year ago in slam poetry



You write numbers like it’s the air you breathe

Count every calorie that touches your lips

But before it goes to your hips

You run to release the fat

You want to make your stomach look flat

You worry tirelessly to make yourself look nice

You notice every change in hopes of some shrink

Watch yourself closely don’t even blink

Now, what you don’t notice is the dark circles framing your eyes

Or all the hair on your pillow when you wake up

Or how you have to shave your arms and legs daily to hide your werewolf like hair

You don’t even notice how your teeth rot from all the trips to the bathroom

You only notice the bones and joints slowly uncovering themselves

Obsessed with the sharp angles and shadows they create

But at what a cost

Think of all the things you’ve lost

Friends that have tried to feed you and tell your parents

Your once full, long, and luscious hair that is now showcased on your pillow

The teeth that smiled so widely and beautifully, but hasn’t been seen in months

All of the meals that you threw away and hid in tiny spots around your room

Oh but the glorious pounds and inches from your waist

The calories you burn during workouts

Thank god you count and add numbers

Everything would be so wrong if you didn’t count and add numbers

Could you imagine if you didn’t count and add numbers

slam poetry
Erin Pistello
Erin Pistello
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