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Skin Tight

(the zip’s stuck)

By Harmony KentPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Skin Tight
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Don’t wanna wake up

Too tired to put on makeup

Have to face the world undressed

Unable to hide how distressed

I am to be stuck in my own skin

The zip’s stuck, its teeth bite in

I tug n tug but it does no good

It hurts so bad, I wish I could

Climb out of my searing flesh

Rip n tear, ignore the mess

Desperate to find an out

Midst compassion’s drought

Please, just let the agony stop

I’ve bled out, drop by slow, bloody drop

Unzip me, I beg of you

There’s nuthin’ else anyone can do


[A heavy one this, I know. Please rest assured, moments such as these are infrequent and short lived. It feels important to share, especially if it offers company for those in a similar place. As always, love and hugs from me 💕🙂🫂🦋]


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Harmony Kent

The multi-genre author who gets write into your head

I began writing at 40 after a life-changing injury. An avid reader & writer, I love to review & support my fellow authors.

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Comments (14)

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  • Test7 months ago

    You have a way with words.

  • Mae Clair8 months ago

    I can only imagine how excoriating such moments are, Harmony. I feel you dug deep for this one, and the power of that comes through in your words. I will continue to pray such moments as these are brief and few. 💕

  • Yvette M Calleiro8 months ago

    Heartbreaking, Harmony! I hope you find true relief soon. Yvette M Calleiro :-)

  • Robbie Cheadle8 months ago

    I am so sorry, Harmony. I watch the cycle of ill-health induced depression with my son. HUgs.

  • Some days are exactly like this. It's just so difficult to get past at times. A very relatable poem!

  • Beem Weeks8 months ago

    An ode to suffering! Be well, Harmony! Nice work here.

  • John W. Howell8 months ago

    A lot of suffering in this poem, Harmony. I pray it is short-lived.

  • Kymber Hawke8 months ago

    I'm so sorry for what you're going through. This poem speaks so well to your agony. I wish there was something I could do to help. Sending you gentle air hugs, my friend. 🤍🌺

  • Sarah Stuart8 months ago

    I have been where you are, via a very different route, Harmony. I've never seen the way it feels expressed so eloquently. For all the problems I still have, you make me feel lucky. God bless.

  • Jan Sikes9 months ago

    Oh, Harmony, you made me feel your desperation, the agony, the deep level of pain. I'm so glad you left a disclaimer that these moments are short-lived. Sending you massive hugs!

  • Gwen Plano9 months ago

    Brilliant, Harmony. You've shown us the horror of unrelenting pain. Whether for moments or for months, it can control us if we've no way to control it. 💙

  • Joan Hall9 months ago

    Powerful, Harmony!

  • D.L. Finn9 months ago

    You captured those painful moments, Harmony. I've been there and hate you feel this pain. Hugs xo

  • KJ Aartila9 months ago

    Yep - moments, days, - a part of life in order to also feel the ups. ❤️

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