Skeletons (IL Primo)

We all have them

Skeletons (IL Primo)

What's up Addiction? How have you been?

It's been a while, are you still living?

Oh, I'm bere, waiting for your call

Practising being clean? You'd soon give up

Am a patient master of an entity

In your mind, I will forever be

I'm sick and tired of you killing me

You're choking me and I can't breathe

It's killing me and I feel it

But I'm staying clean, I'm in need of it

How was today? It was bad, wasn't it?

Nothing worked out the way you planned it

Just go and do it, you'll feel relieved

I promise you'll be filled with dopamine

Regretting giving you a room to sleep

Stay for free and didn't pay the bills

Now all you do is torture me

You torture yourself if you don't reach the peak

I draw strength from that, that's how I live

There are so many things I could do

Family looking but they don't know this isn't me

My health declines, my life in shambles

Easy, let me in, I swear it isn't a gamble

I would give you the joy you seek

Yes it may just be momentarily

But think about it, no one cares about this

Well, I do and I feel it breaking me apart

I hate it and I love it, both at the same time

Now I look in the mirror, I know something is wrong

You know what to do, just open the door

Maybe you're right, I don't want to fight you anymore

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