Hold My Hand

by Neon Odyrah 3 months ago in inspirational

Just Hold On

Hold My Hand

Hold my hand

I'm not reaching out because I'm fine

I'm not reaching out because on my own I can stand

I'm reaching out because I am still on that route

I feel what you feel

Maybe I don't, is the situation different?

The feeling of the possibility of never achieving your dream

The feeling of feeling like the world is a big horror screen

You don't deserve to be where you are, right?

You don't deserve to go through all this pain, right?

You don't deserve to see so much difficulty

Choking cause life hung the leash a bit too tight

I may not be able to talk you out of the pain

But I bet my shoulder is strong enough to hold that heavy head

I bet my ears never bleed from hearing your worries

My hands may be tired down, but my fingers would interlock with yours in hope

Oh, look at that rainbow

Yes, even after the rainbow, it could still rain another day even

But together we would laugh for the moment

When the rainbow told us, "Nothing last forever"

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Neon Odyrah
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