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“Skate or die”

An ode to my love-my skateboard

By Jay,when I writePublished 7 months ago 1 min read
“Skate or die”
Photo by Lukas Bato on Unsplash

how it goes:

wax on wax off

when sad, bored, or with cough

rain, sleet, snow

broken by getting air, and knees low

top 5 “easy” tricks to learn first

here’s the top five you will curse

give up, oh I wanna, but that’s really just a never

try hard, fall, remember helmets make you clever

make a friend, make a few

go on alone, anything will do

me, all I need is I and it

some do other crap, but this is what I get:

sweet spots on concrete

seemingly stuck to sideways feet

a sweaty summer’s day near ruined when floored

but, dust self off, and hop back on beloved skateboard

love poems

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Jay,when I write



23, Black, queer, yup

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