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By Denelsia WalkerPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Queens, here if you need me through thick and thin. Do know your heart, mind, creations, and talents are needed my friend. Call them into existence and manifest them. Do not forget you are a magnificent part of the divine infinite plan.

When wading in the water. Do take time out to look at the sun, stars, clouds, and moon. Keep reaching and whispering to each one of them. Other galaxies exist; you live in this one. Learn to discover them when you drift before astroplane.

More remarkable is your Goddess in you than he or she living in this world. Suppose feeling a bit down. Put on your pearls.

You pearl.

Third eye chakras. Slay your dragons. Then move like a fern.

Let the dream you dare to pursue chase after you. Practice self-defense and offense. Let your warrior pose ignite that flame in you.

Telling mountains to move and be who we are. Self-Care of spirit and soul is mandatory in this world. Feed them and your body live edible knowledge.

Rejuvenate well!

Everything you need is in you. Learned from life experiences. Be your own She-Ro!


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Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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    Denelsia WalkerWritten by Denelsia Walker

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