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I Am Woman

African Drumbeat

By Denelsia WalkerPublished about a year ago 2 min read

I Am Woman

I am more than starlit eyes, plump lips, soft hands, pedicured feet, and manicured fingertips.

I am woman.

I am more than sultry hair, full breast, phat ass, and curvaceous hips.

I am woman.

Meaning that taken near your womb, was a rib, which was placed inside me surgically.

When you look at me, see yourself.

Do not mistake, take for granted, or try to manipulate me.

Is that how you take care of your body?

I am woman.

My hips can rock you, after a long hard day. They can also be used to match my attitude and sway should you bruise my feeling temporarily, or I need to walk away.

They are for birthing healthy black babies and carrying them on my waist.

I am woman.

My only assets are not lying on my back accepting whatever you toss at me.

I have a brain. Although educated, the knowledge is there for when we build our own personal empire.

If desired.

Should we start by planting crops and watching them rise?

I am woman.

I do not stand in front, nor in back, but by your side.

I am your helpmate.

Not your doormat, quick-fix, snack in the late midnight hour.

You know that second chick.

I am woman.

I am pleasing to the eyes. Aroma like sweet incense.

Once tasted, I am able to fulfill all your appetites.

I give you peace and make you come to your senses.

You get high off this supply.

You know why?

Because, I am woman.

I can crown you King when worthy.

I can also make you suffer when wrong.

I know what power I have, and from which it derives from.

You know why?

Because, I am woman.

African Drumbeat

Feel my heat.

As I dance to the African drumbeat,

bare feet.

Worship, encircling around nature,

and its flicker of light.

I am absorbing my surroundings.

Positive energies I pull them toward me.

I use my arms to make it clear.

While I watch the haze disappear.

Although we form majesties together.

Birthed universes flow from this temple.

The cries are unheard music

to the unseen eyes and ears.

Only a woman makes the whole ordeal

from chase to finish right.

My Queens tolerate no crazy talk or actions.

Your highness realize it is ok to let go.

Just be.

Oh! A Woman naturally!

A woman to be cherished and appreciated

by our Kings.

Book & Album: Supreme Reign Love Redefined

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Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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  • aly suhailabout a year ago

    nothing like African women.

Denelsia WalkerWritten by Denelsia Walker

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