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Silent Feelings

Stories of Neglect

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published about a month ago 1 min read

Silent Feelings: Stories of Neglect

______By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

You are not the same nowadays

Everything is changing fast,

You are more variable than the speed of time.

You are drunk on the smell of my hair

Do not touch my hair for how long?

Do not kiss the tolled cheeks of your digestive power

would be a problem

No time to look at those tolled cheeks.

What color is the tip of the forehead?

Did I read the tip in the right place?

You have no vision of that these days.

Pulling the hem of my saree

Holding it close to the chest and looking at it

How long do you not get that?

If you don't touch my body at night

could not sleep

But for a long time you and I will be together

However, I don't smell your body

Although I am a living person

An inert substance these days.

The one you don't feel

I lie like the furniture of a house,

Maybe you don't throw it away because it's necessary

Carelessly left in a corner.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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