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Silent Echoes

"Whispers of Time: Embracing the Silent Echoes"

By M. Shaihan AhmedPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Silent Echoes
Photo by Alex Gruber on Unsplash

In the realm of quiet solitude,

Where whispers dance and dreams unfold,

I delve into the depths of thought,

Where silent echoes are consoled.

In hallowed halls of memories past,

Whispers linger, soft and low,

They ripple through the timeless realm,

Like a gentle breeze, they come and go.

Each echo holds a tale untold,

A fleeting moment, frozen in time,

A word unspoken, a love unexpressed,

In silence, they find their perfect rhyme.

They carry the weight of unspoken words,

The ache of hearts that longed to speak,

But in their quiet, profound existence,

They find solace, comfort, and seek.

Silent echoes, delicate and pure,

They hold the secrets of the soul,

In their ethereal whispers, we find,

A sanctuary where emotions stroll.

For in the silence, we discover,

The power of words left unspoken,

The lingering presence of love and loss,

Through the echoes, our hearts are woken.

So let us listen with open hearts,

To the symphony of the silent few,

For within those whispers, we may find,

The beauty of words that once were true.

In the realm of quiet solitude,

Where whispers dance and dreams unfold,

We embrace the language of the heart,

Through silent echoes, our stories are told.

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