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Mountains and Deserts: The Rivers In-between

By SchmalzPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

And I come here every other day

Just to sit and dream about you in every way

The beauty of the scenery takes me back to your face

Leaned up against mine when we’d laugh and share a good wine

Talking about our place in the world trying not to lose our minds

The rush that you felt before slipping away

Something that lingers in my heart every day

And one of these days I won’t come back to this heavenly place

But without you by my side it’s a desolate stay

One day I’ll grab my fishing pole and head on down the road

Searching for another honey hole

Something that will fill mine and the swans sing in my mind

Dry the tears from eyes scorched by time

As I search for the path that I may never find

One where good friends share some good wine

Never not having the time cause we’re feeling fine

A house of memories that heal the pains of the time

Faster than ever it seems to go by

Year after year creeps up so sly

Blowing like the wind sometimes I want to sit and take it all in

Not say a word only the echoes of silence drifting away

Dancing with you in hand quiet as a shadow on the land

No more waiting for some final stand

Searching for something never to find

A memory of you that will always shine

So pass me some of that moonshine

I’m trying to find my soulshine

Shedding light like the sunshine

A living gemstone

Signs from the divine

Standing the test of time

Reach out for this hand of mine

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