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senses five

a dark ode to our senses

By Anne & AnamesaPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
senses five
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In the darkness of my chamber,

Where shadows lurk and ghosts still clamber,

I ponder on the senses five,

That guide us through this mortal life.

The sight, a wondrous gift we hold,

To see the world both new and old,

From vibrant hues to shades of grey,

We take it in with every day.

Yet sight can also lead us astray,

When we see only what we wish to portray,

The flaws in others, the mask they wear,

Blinding us to the beauty that's there.

Next, the hearing, delicate and fine,

Capturing sound from distant chime,

From bird songs sweet to thunder's roar,

Our ears can hear an endless score.

But oh, the words we hear can sting,

A harsh remark, a hateful thing,

The whispers of our inner fears,

Can haunt us through the passing years.

The sense of touch, how it reveals,

The softest down, the prick of steel,

From gentle breeze to fierce embrace,

We feel the world upon our face.

Yet touch can bring both joy and pain,

The sting of loss, the touch of shame,

The hurt of wounds that never heal,

The scars that we can't help but feel.

The scent, so fleeting and ethereal,

Aroma of life so ephemeral,

From sweet perfume to musky earth,

It evokes memories of days long worth.

But scent can also be a curse,

A reminder of what we can't reverse,

The scent of death, the stench of hate,

Can leave a mark that we can't escape.

And last, but not the least of all,

The taste, that which we most enthrall,

From bitter herbs to sweetened treat,

It's what makes life so truly sweet.

Yet taste can also be a vice,

The addiction we can't seem to slice,

The craving that controls our will,

The hunger that we can't help but fulfill.

In all these senses, I can see,

The wonders and the misery,

The blessings and the curse we bear,

As we navigate our earthly lair.

For though these senses guide us true,

They can deceive and lead us through,

The mazes of our heart and mind,

The labyrinths that we must find.

So let us cherish and use them well,

These senses that we hold so swell,

For they are what makes life so grand,

The treasures of this mortal land.

But let us also use them wise,

Not letting them become our guise,

For in the end, it is our soul,

That will guide us to our final goal.

And in the darkness of my room,

Where ghosts and shadows still loom,

I ponder on the senses five,

And pray they lead me to the light.

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  • Robbie Cheadle10 months ago

    This is an excellent and insightful poem.

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