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experiencing life

a poem of the senses

By Anne & AnamesaPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
experiencing life
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Senses Awakened,

I taste the sweetness of life,

The bittersweet moments and all that’s right,

Savoring every flavor and each delight,

My taste buds alive, a sensory light.

I feel the warmth of a summer day,

The soft breeze, the sun’s gentle ray,

The sand between my toes, at play,

My skin alive, a sensory array.

I hear the music that surrounds,

The melody, the rhythm that abounds,

Harmonious sound that astounds,

My ears alive, a sensory compound.

I smell the fragrance of nature,

The flowers, the grass, the trees that nurture,

The perfume that lingers, a seductive lure,

My nose alive, a sensory treasure.

I see the beauty that surrounds,

The colors, the shapes, the patterns that astound,

The images that my mind abounds,

My eyes alive, a sensory playground.

Together, these senses awaken,

A symphony of emotions, a harmony unshaken,

A journey of discovery, a path un-taken,

My soul alive, a sensory creation.

For in the senses we find our way,

Through life’s twists and turns, we can’t sway,

But in the senses we can sway,

A sensory tapestry, a life bouquet.

So let us embrace these senses true,

For they are a gift, a blessing too,

A way to experience, to feel anew,

Senses awakened, a sensory breakthrough.

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Anne & Anamesa

blogger, content creator and mama

find me on socials: @anamesa_anne

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