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By Illya KPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Time, irrelevant. Opinion, irrelevant. Finding grounds to walk on, in a controversial reality is truly challenging. Hope is said to be the last hook, on a reel strained from pulling up waste in shallow waters. Hence the catch must reside deeper. Who will take you to such depths, but your self.

We all feel the gentle touch, but through carelessness have pulled away our shoulder. When we most need comfort, we sway our attention to what's bothering us. Instead, should we not put our attention on what is here, now.

Living the moment truly present as it unravels before us, holds true power. It becomes vivid, untainted from opinions and open to more options.

Change is inevitable, but at times irreparable. Dropping everything, even just for a moment holds a precious benefit for the direction. Strange isn't it then that this system is one where decisions are made in five seconds. The make or break moment happens in an instant and a course of repercussions begins to form.

Can you not hear it, taunting as though to say stop! You shall not find your self under all these layers of concepts and actions, masking the most valuable gem. You. Nontangible like the knife that cuts, but cannot cut itself. Strangely that doesn't take away from its abilities. So why then must we feel like it's necessary to define our self, when really this self doesn't need a definition or belong to any owner. For it is all there could ever be anywhere.

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