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Seeking Answers

from God

By Shirley BelkPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
Saw this on Pinterest from FB's Planet Aroma site

Some things have no obvious answers. They just present themselves with more questions. In fact, they leave you a bit dumbfounded. Like this plant.

I asked myself, "Why would God create such a plant?" It is such a curious but lovely plant. It is delicate and intricate...the way each individual small birdlike part, is hanging on to its mother's sturdy stem, drawing life from it.

I further wanted to know, "Why would God make a plant in the image of a hummingbird?"

Then I questioned "Which one did He create first?"

"Is there a message there?"

"What lesson does He want me to learn from this?"

"Did he love the plant/hummingbird so very much that He gave each a dual place in His creation?"

"Or did He love us so very much that He doesn't want us to miss out on a lesson from nature?

I am confounded, perplexed, but I ponder on and want to solve this mystery. I need to know. "I want to hear the voice of God in this"...I must seek those answers. But I am finding more questions...


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Shirley Belk

Mother, Nana, Sister, Cousin, & Aunt who recently retired. RN (Nursing Instructor) who loves to write stories to heal herself and reflect on all the silver linings she has been blessed with :)

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  • C. Rommial Butler24 days ago

    The Divine manifests, an energy that never ends. Intentions, at least so far as I can tell, are for us. The energy re-wards that which intends well, undoes that which does not, without forethought or provocation. It is simply part of the process, which to us seems complex. Beautiful and well-wrought, like your musings here!

  • Staringale26 days ago

    The photo sparked my curiosity too. And I quickly went through the article and then googled it. It was true - I guess it's nature gift to spark our curious nature.

  • Joe O’Connor26 days ago

    Love the curiosity and thought process you managed to capture here.

  • Caroline Craven27 days ago

    Beautiful plant and a beautiful piece of work. I love hummingbirds too.

  • D.K. Shepard27 days ago

    This captures such a lovely curiosity about an example of awe inspiring creation!

  • Murali28 days ago

    This post made me want to go out and explore nature more.🌷🏞️

  • Hannah Moore28 days ago

    No answer is simple - I guess the questions can be the more important part.

  • Heather Zieffle 29 days ago

    Wow, that is amazing! So many things in nature are surprising and utterly beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Andrea Corwin 29 days ago

    There are amazing things when one looks.. nature’s miracles… and all is symbiotic if humans stop interfering.

  • John Cox29 days ago

    That is one amazing plant! Thanks for sharing the photo and your thoughts. It is indeed dumbfounding!

  • Shirley, I am a fan of Einstein's cosmic religion, where we know there is something out there greater than we are, and it is appropriate to worship nature and its creator. Humans are going to worship something, and history has proved when we worship government and its leaders, it is disastrous. So, it's lovely you are asking the existential questions by being in awe of the hummingbird greenery!

  • "Hi, it's me God. I did that because I was bored and wanted to mess with ya heads" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • L.C. Schäfer29 days ago

    Questions are always good! Unless that question is, "Who ate the last chocolate" and things of that nature.

  • Jay Kantor29 days ago

    Dear Shirley; aka Mz. Ask/Answer re; ConfoundedPerpetuallyPerplexed - Sometimes it just is what it is - J-bud

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