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Second Chance

Where's Mine?

By C. D. GuzmanPublished 28 days ago 1 min read

Where is my second chance to start anew?

Why must I languish, forgotten, out of view?

In this cell where dreams decay.

I watch my life just slip away.

I see those who've done much worse than me,

walk free on house arrest, a mockery.

Their families’ homes, a safe retreat,

while mine, in shame, no approval met.

My kin, my blood, live far away,

In lands where freedom sees the light of day.

Yet prison bars deny me this grace.

Condemned to rot in this forsaken place.

Why can’t they see the pain inside,

the broken heart, the tears I've cried?

A second chance, a hope renewed,

denied to me, my life subdued.

My family, though flawed, they care,

but rules and walls keep me here.

Their arms reach out across the sea,

but this prison holds the key.

Why must I suffer, left to despair,

with no one near to hold, to share?

The ones I love are far away,

while I wither in this cell each day.

I watch the days blend into night,

hope fades, replaced by endless fright.

A second chance, a distant dream,

in this cold cell, where silent screams.

Heartbroken, lost, I sit alone.

In this prison cell, my heart turned stone,

Where is my chance to break these chains?

To find redemption, to heal these pains?

But the walls are thick, the rules are tight.

And so I fade into the night,

forgotten by a world so vast. In this prison cell, my hopes are cast.

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About the Creator

C. D. Guzman

After a long 18 years I am finally a free man.

Welcome to my therapy, my thoughts, my struggles, my life.

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    C. D. GuzmanWritten by C. D. Guzman

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