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Sanguine Inamorato

A vision in red...

By R. JamesonPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Sanguine Inamorato
Photo by Morgan Pelinsky on Unsplash

It happened like great things often do


I couldn’t have predicted you if I tried

But I could sense that something wonderful was ahead,

right before you came into vision

I suddenly understood the slow motions shots in every


Understood the music coming out of nowhere

that only I could hear

Mary Jane girls bumping in the back of my head

Causing my ears to buzz and becoming uncomfortably


Hoping to God my glasses wouldn’t begin to fog up

Praying that my legs would remember the route from

behind my desk to the door

Feet mindful,

One after the other,

To greet you as you occupied the door frame

Kind eyes insisting on hold my gaze

Your warm lush voice holding part of my attention,

I can’t remember most of what you said

But I remembered loving how you said it

Loving your soft hands with there firm grip,

Long legs so nice they did the denim of your jeans

a favor

My sanguine inamorato

I knew you’d be my trouble,

And trouble don’t last always

But that day

I really wanted it to

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