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The postcard never came.

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published 25 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Ahmed Nishaath on Unsplash

The following is an acrostic/ elegy poem with the word Sandcastles for Poppy’s Prompts #2.

Sirens blare

And everyone runs.

No one knows the

Destruction that’s


A wind chime



Last alarm before

Everyone is

Sent to an early grave.

Free Versefact or fictionElegyAcrostic

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Donna Fox (HKB)

Thank you for your support and feedback! 💚💙💜

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Comments (19)

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  • Naveed 16 days ago


  • Congratulations on your Honourable mention on the Leaderboard!✅

  • That is friggin' awesome! Well done!

  • JBaz18 days ago

    Congratulationson Honorable mention

  • Joe O’Connor18 days ago

    Ooooh this is an original take on sandcastles! Eerie, and what an ending. "Before everyone is sent to an early grave"- nature is incredibly powerful and we are lucky to not often see this side of it.

  • Oh wow this was so good! Good luck in Poppy’s challenge

  • Anna 22 days ago

    Nicely done!🥰

  • Dearest Donna!!😳 I am throwing myself on my knees, begging your mercy! It has belatedly come to my attention that I have dim wittedly plagiarised your beautiful Sandcastles acrostic poem!😵‍💫 I read, appreciated and commented on it… then two days later thought… I’d like to write a happy poem about my childhood holidays at the beach. What style of poem will I write? Why not an acrostic? Clearly my short term working memory was defunct! So sorry! I would edit my poem & acknowledge my subconscious inspiration from yours, but I’m currently a cheapskate & can’t easily edit it.😬 I’ll add a comment on my poem & also Poppy’s Feb. prompts. Hoping these measures are sufficient to make amends.🙃

  • L.C. Schäfer22 days ago

    This one clangs like the alarm you write about, and the picture is perfectly chosen 😁

  • Poppy 22 days ago

    Ooooh so eery!! I love the super impactful ending especially!!

  • Yayyyyyy, everyone's dead! Hehehehehehehe! Also, this was soooo freaking creative of you! I don't think anyone else did an acrostic for Poppy's prompts! Such a unique direction you went with here! I loved it so much!

  • Beautifully sad!

  • Hannah Moore25 days ago

    I've got that story about the men building their houses on the sand and the rock in my head.

  • Kendall Defoe 25 days ago

    Well done!

  • Dana Crandell25 days ago

    Wow, H! You built a real sense of urgency, then despair, with very few words. Not to mention we're left a little unsure of the cause - tsunami, nuclear war, etc. Well done!

  • JBaz25 days ago

    This was great, you built a sense of urgency and doom in few words, but all powerfully written Two thumbs up

  • Mother Combs25 days ago

    great acrostic

  • Mackenzie Davis25 days ago

    Ooh i like this! Every word holds power.

  • Alexander McEvoy25 days ago

    Oh powerful! I’m thinking ‘there will come soft rains’ :) that sand castle might be turned to glass in the blast. Loved this Poem, Donna! Best of luck in the challenge 💖

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