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s is for sister

a tautogram

By NovaPublished about a year ago 1 min read

significantly siphoning Smaller Sister's serenity,

She steps sideways, surprised,

securing sarcastic spite spewed sharply.

She serves Senior Sister some sane semantics,

showcasing superior stealth strikes.

seething, simmering, scorching,

Senior Sister stomps shamefully, sequestering.

slowly, she stops.

she's shedding some snarkiness,

somberly swallowing snideness.

she supposes she should say sorry,

so she seems somewhat sympathetic.

she swears she sees solutions.

she seeks some simple scripts,

skillfully sorting so Smaller Sister sneaks solely snips.

surprisingly, she somehow suppresses support.

she subdues socialization, safety, services.

Smaller Sister seems scared.

She sinks, saddened.

Senior Sister successfully sabotages solitude,

starts silly squabbles, sets slimy standards,

shades shine.

specific stories she shares shape standards.

soon, she stands separately.

Smaller Sister soars, singing songs sweetly.

She stops shrinking.

She starts summoning spiritual support.

She seeks serendipity, searching skyward.

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About the Creator


I'm a 28 year old non-binary person (they/them) with a lot to say and no idea how to get it all out.

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