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It's Still You

after everything we've gone through

By NovaPublished about a year ago 1 min read

I wake before you

and take advantage of every instant

in which I am allowed

to witness your truest form.

I perceive you

as You.

Parts of you

and parts of me

dancing through your subconscious,

you stir.

I keep stone still

and open my eyes enough to peek out

at the masterpiece

that is you.

I could wander all the museums and art galleries

for hours,



and never find any work of art

as strikingly beautiful

as I find you.

I want to study your curves,

your angles,

all the markings of your body,

the crease of your smile,


This Divine Love is too picture-perfect.

This love extends beyond

a single lifetime.

You've left pieces of yourself

scattered throughout my soul.

I've loved you,

all ways,


It's still you.

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About the Creator


I'm a 28 year old non-binary person (they/them) with a lot to say and no idea how to get it all out.

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