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Rise to the Top

A dream helps overcome bullying

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Rise to the Top
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There is an abundance of ways of experiencing a powerful spiritual energy that can lead to a new outlook on life or make an individual physically and mentally stronger. It is God’s way of sending us a message that his divine presence is real. I live every day to the fullest with devoted spirituality by praying; when I bless the food I eat, when I take an important test and when I go to bed at night.

Meditating has been a staple of my everyday life for three years now because that allows me to find inner peace, especially when I’m going through a problem. This allows me to communicate with the Lord and inform him about my desires.

In particular I have experienced a strong spiritual energy myself within a dream. However, this energy was both positive and negative. I was climbing this extremely tall mountain, as tall as Mt. Everest. I didn't have a harness or grappling claw to aid me in climbing. The only thing that was keeping up were my two hands and the higher I climbed the colder the mountain became.

This was during a time where I was going through major bullying back in my freshman and sophomore years in high school. The torment I was going through caused me to have anxiety, irritation and slight depression at that time, and it was nonstop.

The dream itself was mysterious because the mountain seemed endless as the top was shrouded in dark clouds. The next thing I knew a piece of a cliff broke and I was free falling in the air. I couldn’t do anything other than close my eyes and accept my fate. However, I stopped in mid-air and felt a tingling feeling going through my body. A ball of light caught me, and I found myself floating with an aura of light surrounding me as it extracted a dark purplish aura out of me.

This took about 15 seconds, and once it was over, I soared through the sky and made it to the top of the mountain. To this day I remember the dream fondly because after this vision from God, this started to take a positive turn and toughened up to face the bullying head on.

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Kylecovey Smith

Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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