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Revolutionary War's Epic Poem


By Blue sky Published 6 months ago 1 min read
Revolutionary War's Epic Poem
Photo by British Library on Unsplash

In the heart of the past, a tale unfolds,

A history etched in the annals of old,

A story of courage, of battles fought,

In the pages of time, its lessons taught.

The year was 1776, a pivotal date,

When a nation's destiny hung by a thread's weight,

Thirteen colonies, they dared to declare,

Independence they sought, a burden to bear.

From Philadelphia's hall, they put quill to ink,

The Declaration of Independence, a document to link,

The dreams of a people, the pursuit of their rights,

To break free from a king's oppressive might.

The Revolutionary War, a conflict ensued,

With soldiers in red and patriots in blue,

From Bunker Hill's clash to Saratoga's turning tide,

The fight for freedom, they would not hide.

At Valley Forge, they endured the bitter cold,

Washington's army, steadfast and bold,

Through hardships and trials, they pressed on,

For liberty and justice, their spirits shone.

And in Yorktown's siege, the final stand,

A united front, a triumphant hand,

The British surrender, the war was done,

A new nation was born, a victory won.

So, remember this time when freedom was born,

A nation's identity, a new day dawned,

In the echoes of history, their voices still sing,

The birth of a nation, the dreams of a king.

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About the Creator

Blue sky

Blue sky is an accomplished poet whose words weave emotion and imagery into captivating verses. Born on 5th may 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria. Blue sky discovered a passion for poetry at a young age, finding solace in the beauty of language.

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