Poem of Time and Loss


When the question is asked for the sake of asking

Is the Answer as meaningful as the Reply

Giving a moments breath to eternity

A mere Hesitation to Tremble

Utter not a word of consideration

Rather Speak truth of the Impetuous

What do I care for the ties of modernity

Give myself to the Liberation of Formality

That on bended knee I'd plead

And on Coiled hands you'd Shudder

I'd know the time within your eyes

With which I Saw a yearly Future

Hurriedly past a here-and-now

To moments Blissfully Remembered

When looking back to younger days

I'd Know my heart had sailed so True

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Daniel Cole

Author and artist, I'm finding my spirit again late in life. Old passions for poetry borne of love, loss, hope and pain, things with which everyone is familiar.

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