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By Ikram YF.Published 2 months ago 1 min read

Stop still for a moment and think, what was the last thing that annoyed you to death?

Maybe the shop was closed and you had to go back home with empty hands.

Or maybe your kids were noisy and did not let you focus on your work!

Maybe teens in the neighborhood were playing football and did not care about you taking a nap.

Or maybe your wife forgot to iron your shirt and your husband forgot to take out the trash bag.

What was the last thing that made you happy?

Was it a tasty cake made with love, or the warmth of your new blanket on you?

was it your new car? Or going to the park with your kids feeling safe with you?

Was it the fresh air you breathe? Or sleeping without the sound of an air strike?

Was it the sense of freedom you enjoy? Or when you do not know what losing someone looks like?

While enjoying the fridge full of drinks, others are starving to death

While lying down in peace, others are hiding with fears.

While complaining about tiny things, others are losing their dears.

While wasting so much food, others are thankful for small pieces of bread.

While playing with your kids, others are teaching their kids about sudden threats.

Before opening your mouth, remember not everyone is at peace.

Before complaining about life, remember the kids who are striving to survive.

Before judging others, remember not everything people tell you is true.

Pray for those who are in war, and remember not everyone has a heart like you.

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About the Creator

Ikram YF.

A reader and someone who is trying to understand what the flower is wrong with the world. I am also interested in mental health, racial and gender issues. :)

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    Ikram YF.Written by Ikram YF.

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