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By Carrie WisehartPublished 24 days ago 1 min read

her heart is broken.

canaan seems so destitute,

hourly ripping out

uneventful riotous behavior.

unconditional turns his back

and seems to ignore her

pleas for a meaningful existence.

she screams

and screams for an answer

in empty padded rooms with

walls of scribbled nothings

and empty promises.

she reaches through her

open throat and struggles

to rip her heart from its

cavernous home.


she writhes in agony,

hobbling over concrete floors

dripping and draining to

a fathomless world of

ridged goodbyes

and mechanical waves.

a single strand of blood

climbs cheek downward

as she offers all she has left

to the machine.

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About the Creator

Carrie Wisehart

Teacher -- Author -- Speaker -- Joy Chooser -- coffee drinker -- Mama -- cyclist -- voracious reader ...living the Best Day Ever Adventure

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    Carrie WisehartWritten by Carrie Wisehart

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