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By: Erin Barron



Reflection ~

They say she is beautiful…

but her reflection doesn’t see it

Social media has her delusional

Presumable plastic females are the usual

They say she is intelligent…

but her reflection doesn’t know it

Hesitant to accept flattery as evidence...

She's not amusable to cerebral embellishments

They say she is passionate…

but her reflection doesn’t feel it

Adamant she is physically inadequate

She only knows loves’ abandonment

They say she is confident…

but her reflection doesn’t believe it

Playing the devil’s advocate

She is a free-spirited maverick

They say she leaves a good impression…

but her reflection doesn’t perceive it

Past experiences leave her self-aware

She cares to give her own impression

No affection for lack of perfection…

she’s under her own reflections inspection

Imperfections are hard to ignore

But she’s not losing her own self-rapport

The world only views her weaknesses…

Her reflection deflects the cheapness of public opinion

She makes a decision to know her worth

Giving herself permission to realize she’s one in a million

Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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Erin Barron
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