Last Heartache

by Erin Barron 8 months ago in heartbreak

By: Erin Barron

Last Heartache

Last Heartache

She’s Not the Love Song He Wants to Hear

The Pain is Real

Back on the Shelf to Heal

Beautifully Broken My Dear

Heart Split Wide Open Severe

Bleeding Tears She Fears

Going to Take Some Time it’s Clear

Fairy Tales Aren’t Real

The Glass Slipper Doesn’t Fit Her

Not Going to Change Her Mind

She’s Really Done this Time

Call Her a Quitter

She’s Not Swinging the Bat

Not for Love that Always Turns its Back

Heart’s Shattered

Emotionally Tattered

Thoughts Running Her Down

Chasing Her in Circles Like a Merry-go-round

She’s Losing Ground

Losing Pounds

Her Heart must be Cursed

Tears Exert

Tired She Diverts for Safekeeping

Daydreaming Love Escapes Her Mind with Time

Accepts the Stars Don’t Align

Love’s Been Unkind

This Breakup is the Final Crime

Prays She Heals from the Climb

She’ll Rise Just in Time

Indefinitely Single and Sublime 

Erin Barron
Erin Barron
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Erin Barron
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