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Red In The Yellow Tower

Little Abstract Poetry

By The Artistic UniversePublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the heart of Paris, 'neath the Eiffel's embrace,

A tale unfolds, painted in hues of love and grace.

Red and yellow, vibrant, like a sunset's glow,

A canvas of passion, where emotions ebb and flow.

In the shadow of steel, where dreams take flight,

Two souls converge, their destinies alight.

A dance of colors, a symphony of the heart,

In this city of love, where every end is a start.

Red, like the roses that bloom in spring,

Symbolizing love, a timeless, eternal thing.

Yellow, like the sun that warms the day,

Radiating joy in every golden ray.

On the canvas of Paris, the story is spun,

A love affair beneath the setting sun.

Hand in hand, they wander the city's art,

A masterpiece painted from the very start.

Red lips whisper words of a tender vow,

Yellow sunsets reflect in their eyes, somehow.

In the shadow of the tower, their silhouettes meet,

A love story painted in colors sweet.

Through cobbled streets, they meander and weave,

A tapestry of passion, only love could conceive.

Red and yellow, intertwined and free,

A love as boundless as the open sea.

At twilight, beneath the Eiffel's gleam,

They find a bench beside the Seine's soft stream.

Red and yellow hues blend into the night,

As stars above witness love's purest light.

In the heart of Paris, 'neath the Eiffel's embrace,

A love story painted with red and yellow grace.

Their journey unfolds, a canvas so grand,

In the city of love, where dreams are planned.

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About the Creator

The Artistic Universe

These Poetries Are The Results Of Different AI Sites and Guess what Abstract Poetrys Are Something New Right??? Hope you will enjoy reading them.

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  • Naveed 3 days ago

    Love it! So creative! Brilliant!

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