Real Life.

A poem based on experience

Real Life.

Real Life.

I opened my eyes when I was eighteen

Life can come at you as a new different entity

This world can really be as mean

But you can make your own reality

Drug Dealers are selling

Women give it up for a profit

Lives are lost ain’t no telling

These Drugs, they are off it.

Men go out working

And Women are living

Children are growing

The good ones are still giving

Your dads probably leaving

Your moms probably cheating

Your sister’s out here deceiving

Family making sure you are eating

High School is a mess

I walked in head held high with some shrugs

Best thing to be blessed

Everyone’s new savior is Drugs

Don’t let your money become your only friend

Everyday you learn something new

Look who’s gonna be

Real ones know it’s about authenticity and value

I knew some people where loyalty is in their veins

I knew some people that died before they dishonored

Never really understood Personal interest or gain

Keep your circle small and really tight

Make sure you and your friends don’t fall in the game of pride

Doing what’s best for you is better than doing what’s right

Friends should value you as a main one, and not just push you to the side

Power is a sin

Value is your wealth

We all want to win

Take Care of your Health

Learned a long time ago that nothing is a sure thing

People are going to lie, they’re going to cheat and they’re going to steal

Walking down old roads just to hear angels sing

There is a difference about surviving and keeping it real

Love is not real until you meet the one

The word is overused

When it is shown to you genuinely, don’t run

In the end, the journey will have you amused

Nobody is fully “innocent”

Justice is an illusion

People do things they are not proud of in their own sense

Screaming in protest and absolute confusion

The best thing is to be positive and keep an open mind

Your energy and personality can atttract

No need to think about the past and rewind

This is real life we live in and you must know how to act

surreal poetry
Bralen Williams
Bralen Williams
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