The night it all was the end of me


I’ll regret this the next morning

I’ll regret this when it’s over

But I know my actions justify this

I’ll regret this when I’m sober.

Those nights always feel euphoric

They are way more fun

You don’t care about anything else

Everything stops and life doesn’t weigh a ton.

Snaps you out of reality

No overthinking or worries

Everyone around is having a good time

No excuses and no hurries.

At the same time, lives are taken

Lives are changed

One night can it ruin it all

One night can turn into full range

Last night was fun

But I probably didn’t deserve it

Now I’m laying in the bed

Asking myself was it really worth it?

The 1942 is the only reason she's with me

But I know soon it will be over

So all I know is I’m gonna regret

I know I’ll regret it when I’m sober.

surreal poetry
Bralen Williams
Bralen Williams
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