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Note in a Bottle 16: Hi Buddy

By Joe NastaPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read

Hi Buddy,

You know that person you care for? Trust them! Even when they walk away. I swear they love you more than you will ever know.

I'm having some difficulty at work and in my personal life with some people I would like to love, but the last time I felt confusion and lashed out I was able to recover the relationship into one of my most cherished friendships. King Angel. Gucci King should learn from him, honestly. You know when two of your friends who couldn't be further opposites meet and they don't know how to act? That was the two of them -- we all hung out with D. and visited a few different bars before any of us knew how to act together. Funny how getting to know people can almost ruin you.

Enough about that. You (yeah, this is about you now) dyed your hair again. Call it blonde, but it looks like my dad's white and your face never looked so much like his before. I'm sorry that I miss you. It gets easier now but we still want so much. This is a reminder: Everybody loves you.

Are you keeping your eyes open? Do you notice a beautiful moment in the alleyway, and do you cherish it for a few seconds before heading back into the bar? When was the last time you really looked at the moon? You don't have to wait for something to happen. With cigarette in your hand and a coffee on the cafe table, you can delight in whatever passes on the sidewalk.

I took my friend to the Frye Museum's summer exhibits launch, then to listen to jazz piano and drink cocktails at the Hotel Sorrento, then to a Goth dance party at the Hideout. He wanted to go with the flow but he seemed tired and distracted the whole time. Before we left I stood by the propped back door, the music bleeding down the hallway to the bathrooms and the cool night air oozing from above the dumpsters in the alley. It was such a gorgeous moment. Quarter moon above the historic building and a few wispy clouds, a small bubble outside of the noise and dancing bodies, a breath. When he got out of the bathroom I tried to bring him into my small delusion. He didn't allow himself, or wasn't able, to be with me.

I'm drawing tattoos on the material I used for the cover of my first book. I cut it into the shape of a leg, a bicep, and a foot. I don't know dude! It makes me happy lol. I started the first one way back in January, when I got a flash tattoo at Rose Temple with my friend P. He also got one, his first ever. I felt like a bad influence. We don't talk any more; I asked him what he wanted and he couldn't really say. Then I pulled my signature move and disappeared. I'm always getting confused and running away.

I know you were thinking of getting your first tattoo -- did you find an artist you liked? What will you get? I think classic sailor tattoos of a heart, a knife, and a cross would look amazing on your pale skin. Maybe on your left forearm or on your chest. Can you show us all when you decide?

Look, something beautiful!

Take the time you need:

Only a moment. Hold it

with your breath before

it’s time for us to leave.


Memory’s safe again in quiet

alleys. Beautiful, I don’t know

your need but there is always

more of everything to hold.

Air, time, space, light. Here.


Walking home alone.

Waking up in your bed.

Looking at your phone.

Deciding whether or not

to remember. Coffee?

(Waiting is what’s called for, meanwhile)

I know you're having a good time lately. So happy for you! Keep enjoying yourself. You deserve everything.

Always remember how dear you are,


P.S. If you read this, text me :P It's not that big a deal and I adore you.

P.P.S. You can always, always ask for what you need.


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Comments (1)

  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    I always like to hear about Seattle (just too crowded for me). 😎❣️

Joe NastaWritten by Joe Nasta

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