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Rare Opportunity

Will you grab the chance?

By Lou_EinalePublished about a year ago • 1 min read

Have you ever thought of leaving behind

All the things you do everyday?

Do you ever feel of escaping to the wild

To experience new things in life?

Are you being drawn to unknown

Without knowing what might happen?

Are you curious to live a life

Free from all normalities of the world?

If you will be given a rare opportunity

Are you going to grab the chance?

Will you take this rare opportunity

And live the best out of your life?

Will you take the leap of faith

And trust the universe to lead your path?

Will you take the risk and try

Rather than to live a life full of regret?

sad poetryinspirationalfact or fiction

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An inspiring writer and sharing the passions she courageously want to pursue and be successful one day in this chosen path. ✨✍🏻👩🏻‍💻💗🧿


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