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Can you relate?

By Nikki SixxxPublished about a month ago 1 min read
When you realize your the only person you can count on






That’s the “REAL” meaning,

Thought I saw love but damn I was DREAMING!

ASSUMING someone would have a heart like mine?

That’s even more IMPOSSIBLE to find.

Some JUDGE loyalty by amounts of good deeds;

Only, further proving their intentions are solely for PERSONAL needs.

I have started to LEARN,

That most relationships quickly crash and BURN.

Most people’s loyalty towards you runs out once they DON’T need you anymore

It DIES hard once they get what they really came to you for.

Wolves HUNTING for sheep;

Praying on those they measure up as WEAK.

Look at you, Big BAD wolf looking so proud;

How you hold your head up high is PROFOUD!

KICKING people while they are already down,

Is wrong, you should take a long walk on a short pier and DROWN!

So much wasted time on SEASONAL people I should have long forgotten;

Like yesterday’s feast, they QUICKLY get sour and turn rotten.

Ah shit! Reverse, flip it, REWIND;

I know we BOTH remember that time

When I needed you the most, went ghost, DISCONNECTED, offline.

See I shoulda let you go way BEFORE now

Cause DEEP inside I already knew you couldn’t hold it down

Shock hits FAST as winter comes in too soon

Kills everything like Trojans STORMING enemy platoons

Bringing way too much pain to erase

Annihilating everything, then vanishing silently without a trace.

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About the Creator

Nikki Sixxx

self proclaimed “lyrical genius” and the “Edgar Allen Poe of 2024”

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    Nikki SixxxWritten by Nikki Sixxx

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