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I had a dream where I was by the ocean

I was sitting on the warm sand while the sun was shining upon me

I stared down at the dark blue ocean, all I felt was fear

It felt like I was going to drown into the world where bad things would come true

While I thought about that, a gust of wind blew across my face to cut me off from staring afar

I knew it was all just a dream but it felt so real, fear is a scary thing

I held my hand out to get a pebble, which I slowly threw into the ocean

As I did, I heard faint noise that sounded like someone was drowning

My hands reached for another pebble, but when I got it seemed though the pebble was moving closer to the ocean, I got up to follow it

As I followed, I bent down to get it but it would keep on moving closer and closer to the ocean

As I got into the water, it felt cold and nice, it felt like I was floating on a mattress, my dress spread across the ocean

I saw little fish swimming around me grabbing parts of my dress

With fish around me, I saw myself far away from the sandy beach, I was still following the pebble

Then I felt something grab my leg and I screamed but nothing came out not a sound, bubbles just came out of my mouth

As I was pulled, I saw the surface of the water and then it became darker as I was pulled lower, I never saw the pebble again, nor the warm sand or the sun shinning on me

And I realized that I would never be that girl with fear again

The dream was not real, I was just hallucinating

The faint pebble sound was me slowly drowning and making bubbles.

sad poetry
Rose Pepin
Rose Pepin
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Rose Pepin

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