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We are the future


We have grown up and became stronger

We stood up to see futher

Don't fool yourselves, we are not who you think we are

We are the future

You write up our future when you'll never be part of it

We may be young but that doesn't make us dumb

We pray to God that someday we can be better, better people, better us, better me

So many of us don't have the courage to stand up and fight for what's right, the time is now

While we are still young we can use this time to make a difference in the world

we have an opportunity to go out and to change things,

how we look at society, what can we do to make it better,

what the things we need to do so we are able to act and work together to bulild this new world

All of us have different ideas of society, some of us are scared to do something because we are afraid that it might get backfire

We have our odds on we don't know what's going to happen if we do something

We are the start of the new life, we need to take advantage of this time and show people that we are not those kids or youth who just think of themselves

We learn from the best and not the worst, we are the future

Rose Pepin
Rose Pepin
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