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Poem: New Life

by Kirk S. Pineda about a year ago in inspirational

..And so the story goes like..

Poem: New Life
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And so the story goes like..

I'll wake up in my own apartment

a friend has crashed on my couch

more times than I care to remember

we have leftover pizza from last night

(it's also 2 in the afternoon)

the sun is blazing and miraculously

the a/c actually works today

my bills are paid on time

and my credit score is sorta high

a few texts unanswered on my phone

from people who live a normal life

"how'd you sleep," my friend will ask

dude, did we win that game last night?

we'll save the pizza for "dinner"

(which is actually our lunch)

and opt to get some fruit bowls

a few blocks away from my place

we'll be talking all the way through

learning more about me

learning more about you

i'll brush my teeth and so will you

(one of us has to watch the other's back, jesus)

with your own toothbrush here

you practically live here too

we'll be walking on the sidewalk

on a brilliant Sunday

a few dates on the horizon

tickets to my favorite artists

and a domestic flight somewhere

mountainous where I can feel at pace

i have beautiful sets of friends from

past, present, and imminent future

say hi to the hotshot behind the register

who's already got a girlfriend

peruse the menu but still order the usual

and laugh like I'd ever change my mind

a photo for the 'gram and a message from a dating app match (or six)

after that's done we'll part ways for a short bit

review my stats back at my desk

and whip up some more content

and reconvene back at the gym

come home, shower, and we're back

where we left off last night

keyboard warrior or guild raid leaders

all because of being an avid reader


Inspiration: The first poem for the April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge, #1. The prompt was "new life."

Long poems will be shared here, short poems will be shared more on my Instagram. Thank you for reading.

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Kirk S. Pineda
Kirk S. Pineda
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