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Poem: "After You"

by DEUXQANE! 2 years ago in sad poetry

"I'll sit on the couch and watch the clock aimlessly spin itself in circles"

Poem: "After You"
Photo by samane mohammadi on Unsplash

Went upstairs for some space

Because I'm at a party with nobody I know

just so I could stop seeing the glimpses

even though we're growing apart

the feeling waxes by the inches

there'll be moments where I can see

faces that belong somewhere else

and those that're lost in thought

whose secrets now have their tells

I came here so I can be free of me

trapping myself with thoughts of you

everyone here is having a good time

but I'd much rather spend it with you

My heart is a star out of alignment

still clashing with my mind's idea of heavens

but all of that is frozen in time

when in a room of sixes and sevens

I'll sit on the couch and watch the clock

aimlessly spin itself in circles

and for once I could relate

to how cyclical this pain feels

I won't make the same mistake twice

even if for a second, it was real

the party is starting to wind down

and that's exactly how I feel

Hours later the thoughts will trail me

and I'll wake up in the afternoon

wondering who will come next

when this poem's written after you


inspired by old feelings. first poem created after leaving college.

more works on my instagram @Ephrain_

sad poetry


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