by Alex Deedy 2 months ago in sad poetry

Lion of pride to death


The dignity of a lion

When i look into your

Eyes i see nothing but

Anguish a poor anchored soul

Looking for the dignity that

Once was there

How does a lion of

Pride lose its courage same

As a bullet losing momentum


The penetration of words threw

The people of hatred are

What causes a lion of

pride to lose its Courage

And as the fallen foe

Sinks to death we learn

Not to mess with The

devil of hatred

But yet there's a wonder

What if they saw why

Would they not say didn’t

The fall of their foe

Make them learn

For the lion of pride

Will be inside of us

Until the time is right

To show it

May the laying to rest

Commence and remind us of

The terrible events

sad poetry
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Alex Deedy

15 year old transgender male 

Been in foster care for almost 100 days 

bullied all my life 

but I can still love 

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