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Pink Peace of Past Presence

Magenta moments for flamingo features mean the possibility of running out of paint

By The Dani WriterPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

My passion is a path that you admire from afar

Lost you on the third trail turn past the honeysuckle flowers that I so wanted you to taste as it’s blushing elixir would offer you an entrance into


and gentle remembrances held

Just really wanted to share

My memories are magic

They wind-whisper stretches of soft pink sand that sinks beneath toes and clings to every inch of skin so that you forever understand what love truly is

Gathers wild Bermuda roses with a scent so sweet-strong it reaches through time and space and redefines every vision of what you ever thought beauty was

So many smiles

So many miles of coral in crystal clear azure depths receiving more sun’s light than imaginable yet never tired of emanating such exquisite grace thoughts

combined with

the juiciest cherry-picking spots near life giving pools of mangrove roots enmeshed with Mama Earth’s ancient knowledge realities

made for such a happy childhood

I now see the reason why I hated the colour pink in early years

Societal constructs reduced it to dresses and dolls, rock candy and ribbons

diminishing the superlative to mere surface

I was surrounded by limitless hues of magenta majesty

Sunset skies against the horizon that took your breath away to immerse it with an ecstasy mirror of your infinite soul only to remind you of who you are

How dare you feign powerlessness

My reflections relieve

The world heaves and groans

My sheer gratitude for the spaces in between the day to day is immense

for it is there passion emerges perennial

calling out to you and waiting

Just follow me

to the heat where the heart beats more slowly

allows rapture and bliss to become sweet rhyme

The world forgot and is broken

Let us in passion restore natural time


About the Creator

The Dani Writer

Explores words to create worlds with poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Writes content that permeates then revises and edits the heck out of it. Interests: Freelance, consultations, networking, rulebook-ripping. UK-based





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