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Pink, Black, and White

by David Omans 5 months ago in love poems

Dreams and Perseverance

Lovely spring

I have nothing to hold in a little pink book

All about you

But I have everything to give to it

The black lines I scribble

The sounding sobs, a little

Closer to a bright white light I have known

You are the sweetest little pink soul

Charmed in a standstill

I have all my heart to give

The black night holds us together

Immersed in a dark bed of glimmers

Those bright white stars do show you well

Wholesome beautiful pink girl

I had a moment I gave away

No black smudges just drunk somethings

To take this on forever is to give you completion

A white dress can only fit you well enough I swear

love poems

David Omans

Poetry and possibly some stories. When im not making my music I'll use this as my outlet. Enjoy!

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David Omans
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