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Persistence. Dedication. Resolve.

by Jordan Zuniga 3 months ago in inspirational
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Keep pushing.

The toil, the struggle, the push forward, the strife.

The constant battle, the turmoil, the story we call, life.

Oh, that the days could be all the clearer,

The sunny skies to reign,

Not cold and dismal, dark and absymal,

Filled with the downpour of the rain.

Yet how often do we weep?

At a little discomfort through the plotline,

Then understand the testimony,

The persistence that should surely shine.

Stormy skies are there for a reason,

The rain must fall before hope can bring,

So difficult seasons are the prelude,

To the blessed first days of the harvest in spring.

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Jordan Zuniga

Aspiring christian creative writer creating pieces to provoke thought and give God and Lord Jesus Christ the glory! God bless and I hope you’re doing well!

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