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Perfume Memories

by Ali SP 8 months ago in surreal poetry
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A poem about his scent

Image by Наталья Данильченко from Pixabay

It lingers still

Even after a few weeks

The scent that captivated me

The minute it infiltrated my nasal passages

And took all my other senses hostage


It trapped my mind in present time

As I slowly became intoxicated

By a potent mix of different odorants

Inoculating the air that cocooned me in


I knew it contained special powers

The very moment I inhaled it

As I lay here like a drug addict

Sniffing the dress I had worn


I can smell black cherry and amber

And other times I get hints of vanilla

These chemicals are having a narcotic effect

As I hold the dress even closer


It still smells so intense

Like it has been freshly sprayed

My mind focused on getting to that high

Despite it being a couple of days


I need it to take me back to the moment when

His hands held me tight

While we danced, our bodies intertwined

When I became so drunk on his pungent scent


Perfume memories will do that to you

It can transport you back in time

Just as it has me reminiscing

In desperate need of withdrawal

Until I am completely detoxified


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surreal poetry

About the author

Ali SP

Ali has found a renewed passion for reading and creating. It is now a form of expression for her– another creative outlet which she works to improve upon.


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