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Perfectly Imperfect

beautifully broken and different

By Gail S.Published 2 years ago 1 min read
Perfectly Imperfect
Photo by Varvara Grabova on Unsplash

A raging inferno fire

Cooled by a soft summer rain

As tough as the barren desert

As fragile as the flower that grows in it

The force of a hurricane

Calmed by a gentle breeze

The sting from a slap in the face

As kind as the kiss that says I’m sorry

Raging like the rapids

Sweet like a slow running stream

Loud like an explosion

Quiet as the forest

Full of fight like an army

Peaceful as a moonlit night

Hungry like a wolf stalking prey

Satisfied with just a touch

Confusing as a puzzle

Understood with an open heart

Smiles when she’s sad

Says yes when she means no

Wonders why these feelings

Always come and go

Makes herself a promise

Each and every day

Try real hard to be better

In every single way

She is perfectly imperfect

Beautifully broken in her ways

Still she always keeps on trying

With all the passing days

One day it will be better

She will no longer shed the tears

Her mind will finally release her pain

She has collected throughout the years

She has a man beside her

To help her ease the pain

To turn the dark and stormy clouds

To a soft and gentle rain

With his help and love and guidance

They will find their happy place

No longer will the demons

Invade her private space

With her savior by her side

No one can do her harm

She has finally found her home

And now she can learn calm.

Always, G.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Gail S.

I am complicated, confusing and misunderstood but I am real. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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