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Penelope Exploded in My Mind

An Intense Sonnet

By Patrick M. OhanaPublished 28 days ago 1 min read
Penelope Exploded in My Mind
Photo by Alisa Reutova on Unsplash

Penelope exploded in my mind

I exploded in her hand, holding it

As if it was a prize to be confined

No matter the ancient poetic skit

Being scripted for us by the Cosmos

Where even small events are recorded

For the sake of immortality's moss

Only visible when time's afforded

More space in any scheme still depicting

Love chasing love for more love, day and night

Including each afternoon, predicting

Passion and lust through the rest 0f her light

Penelope slides down my spinal cord

Never letting go of my gentle sword


Dedicated to Penelope Israel.

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About the Creator

Patrick M. Ohana

A medical writer who reads and writes fiction and some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former. Most of my pieces (over 2,200) are or will be available on Shakespeare's Shoes.

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Comments (2)

  • Darkos28 days ago

    Great 🔥!

  • Paul Stewart28 days ago

    This was indeed very intense. Loved it. Just the right side of sensual to not be utter filth! Well done. Subscribed to you, sir!

Patrick M. OhanaWritten by Patrick M. Ohana

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