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I'm working the graveyard shift. After finishing my rounds, I sit down at my...

By spooky sessionPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
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I'm working the graveyard shift. After finishing my rounds, I sit down at my station situated in an open foyer. The lounge is to the front, the elevator to my left, and the dining hall to my right, with adjoining hallways connecting everything to the central area where I'm positioned. This gives me a 180-degree view in case anything happens.

A few minutes pass as the motion-sensor lights shut off one by one, leaving it dark outside. I'm engrossed in my K-drama when the elevator dings, the doors open, and the light flickers on and off inside the empty car. The doors close as I continue watching my show.

The hallway lights never fully shut off, just dim. Strangely, they seem to brighten then dim from bulb to bulb, traveling down the hall towards my open station before resuming normal brightness. At first I think a bulb needs changing, but the pattern is odd. I disregard it and carry on.

Later, with the dining hall dark, the connecting hallway brightens coming from my view. The lights intensify towards the hall before stopping abruptly. I investigate but everything seems normal, with working lights and no one around.

Or so I think. A sudden chill runs through me, stopping me in my tracks. I feel something staring at me from the hallway behind. Though reluctant, I turn and see a small, child-sized figure round the corner into the connecting hall. Strange, as no children should be on the premises. I hurry to the corner but find nothing.

I return to my station but turn all the surrounding lights on before sitting, needing to feel it's daytime. The room soon goes dark again. Looking at my phone, I sense a presence a few feet away in the blackness, so close I grow scared. My eyes shift right while my head stays down. A whispered "Hi" and whatever is there vanishes down the hall faster than I can see as the light detects my movement.

Still processing, a child's head peeks over my table, revealing just the top and eyes staring at me. I lose my composure and take the emergency stairs down, running to another floor and a colleague.

She looks at me and says, "You must be new. First time?" I learn paranormal events frequently happen here to newcomers between 11pm-3am.

Never again.

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