Pay Check to Pay Check

Hard Realities

Pay Check to Pay Check

A cash advance?

This wild money dance.

Pay check to pay check.

Feeling like a wreck.

Sick of the grind.

Just wanna free the mind.

A drink would be nice.

Cannot afford the price.

How to cope?

Symbolic rope.

Missing something?

It's hard to sing.

Mental, mopey mess.

So much not to confess.

The rest will just laugh.

At this fumbling craft.

Too much unexpected.

Life smeared and dissected.

Wanna have hope.

Life is not some joke.

Want to be checking out now.

Take a bow.

But, that's not the thing to do.

Who after all is your clue?

Gotta be something greater.

No time to figure out later.

Finding proper couth.

Know the Truth.

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