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Patience Perspective

A Poem about Anxiety

By Mist MemoriesPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Patience Perspective
Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

"A Rapid Heart...

You knew from the start.

Emotions running rampant,

Can tear you apart.

A time comes in all minds,

Life presents new opportunities.

Then the heart changes,

giving way to new possibilities.

Take care to slow the rate,

Exhale and meditate.

Ther is time to celebrate...

Live life and have patience.

For always comes... A new perspective. "

A note from the Author:

Sometimes, when I have anxiety attacks, I do not recognize that I am in the middle of one. Other times, I might act strangely to others yet inside I am only thinking about one thing... how to slow down the pace of my thinking. I think often. I have learned that writing is a very good way of expressing myself to the outside world and that when I do many times others find it inspirational. To me, the above poem which I wrote displays the feelings of an anxiety attack and how I actively try to remind myself that everything will be alright if I just take care of myself and slow down a little. Don't get ahead of myself too much because that is when my anxiety becomes worse. I hope you enjoyed the read. Please leave a comment if this helped you in some way!


About the Creator

Mist Memories

Hello World!

It's impressive how two simple words can change your life isn't it? I will be writing about everything under the sun, most of my work leans to the inspirational side of things or recalling memories. Please enjoy the read!

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