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An Institution's Apology

Reflecting on Institutional Betrayal and Hardship.

By Mist MemoriesPublished about a year ago 1 min read
An Institution's Apology
Photo by Ludwig Sigl on Unsplash

We were supposed to keep you safe, but we didn't.

Now, we don't have a voice so you can listen.

All those times you told us something happened...

Those were times we failed as an institution.

You come to work with no expectations.

The day you were hired was great for all of us.

It's only when we failed to have sentience,

You got hurt because of our negligence.

Today, a new journey begins...

One we hope can help you forgive us.

Mistakes were made that never should have been.

Now we learned a lesson about all humans.

This time will be different as we know now...

Humans are made of soft skin and compassion.

Instead of long hours and difficult missions,

We'll focus on being an inspiration and happiness.

Dear human, my employee and friend...

I hope that I am not too late for this.

I apologize from my very foundation.

And I hope that I can earn this new title...

Your home away from home... Your Institution.


About the Creator

Mist Memories

Hello World!

It's impressive how two simple words can change your life isn't it? I will be writing about everything under the sun, most of my work leans to the inspirational side of things or recalling memories. Please enjoy the read!

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