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by Beau Green 2 months ago in social commentary
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What are they

Someone recently asked me

What my passions in life are

But I didn’t have an answer

Well not a real one

Because I’ve never really thought about it

Because quite honestly,

What is considered a passion?

I like painting, and cooking, and running,

But I would hardly call those my passions

Passions are something you would do endlessly with bliss

They are something you spend all your thoughts thinking about

They are something you strive to perfect in every way possible

And they are something you feel so strongly about

That you could talk endlessly

Forever wanting to share your knowledge on the topic

So no

I don’t think I’ve discovered my passions in life


I’m only eighteen

I’ve barely even touched the surface

Of things to be discovered

And I think that there might just be

Too many things in life to get excited about

That it’s almost impossible to pick just one

I could forever love.

social commentary

About the author

Beau Green

Take a look into my conscious.

A college kid trying out writing.

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