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For the soul

By Twaun PiercePublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The sunset my mind runs like the drums

On the band set trying ban pain

Got a band aide from a bandit

Who stole my heart I can paint a blank picture and she still understands my art

I begin to tell her about my day

But before a start ...

Dem down them light and rub my fingers through your hair

We reaching height even I thought you was scared

You ready you ready

Love keep on keep on running me

She got a whole of my soul...

I can tell you where I been just hold up

Can you wait until morning when I’m sober

Sit back just bool let me roll up

I can put in that mode if you show up...

Life open sessions

We was destined for this universe

I wanna show the world my love

Before my soul disburse

I found a blessing a curse ...

The worse have yet to surface ..

I get nervous when searching for a

Higher purpose

love poems

About the Creator

Twaun Pierce

writer for company as big as Jive Sony sosodef grandhustle ..BMI

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